We recently had a complete overhaul of our website, not only in moving to a new host, but also moving to a completely new system. As a result, our old class format does not match the new system, and we have to manually re-create all the previous classes.  This is not only time consuming, but at present there is only one person available to do this work so it moves more slowly than we would like.

If you have previously paid for a class where the "live" portion has ended, you will have access to that class as soon as it is reformatted.

We are working through the classes in the reverse order of release; so newer classes are reformatted sooner than older ones. As of May, we have completed the following classes:

  • Road to Scotland
  • Rooms of the Abbey
  • British Invasion Reboot
  • Dear Laura
  • English Manor
  • Hampshire Holiday
  • Sew Myself Doll Along

The following classes are being worked on in this order but are not yet complete:

  • Dear Laura for Shops
  • Hampshire Holiday for Shops
  • English Manor for Shops

We anticipate finishing these classes and republishing them by the end of August, 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and we will try to minimize the disruption as much as possible.

If you believe you are registered for a class that has been reformatted but you are not seeing it in your account, please open a ticket or contact us via email.